Thursday 2 May 2024

The Journey HOME back to Him

In the heart of a bustling city lived Hana, a woman whose life was once deeply rooted in faith. As a child, her days began with the gentle call to prayer, and her heart found peace in the words of the Quran. But as years passed, the noise of the world drowned out the serene whispers of her faith. Hana climbed the corporate ladder, her days filled with meetings, her nights with social gatherings. The soft glow of dawn no longer beckoned her for Fajr prayer; instead, mornings were battles with the snooze button.

Her success was evident to everyone. A luxurious apartment overlooking the skyline, awards lining her office walls, invitations to exclusive events—Hana had it all, yet a profound emptiness gnawed at her. She tried filling it with weekend getaways, shopping sprees, even meditation retreats. But the void only grew, her smile waned, and her heart felt heavier with each passing day.

One rainy evening, as Hana walked home from a late meeting, her heel broke, sending her papers flying into muddy puddles. Frustrated and soaked, she sank to the curb, the cold rain mingling with hot tears. As she sat there, a faint sound reached her ears—a sound so familiar yet so distant. It was the call to Isha prayer from a small mosque she had passed countless times but never entered.

Something stirred within her. Hana wiped her tears, gathered her ruined papers, and walked into the mosque. The warm light inside, the soft carpets, and the sight of people in peaceful prostration overwhelmed her. She remembered her grandmother's words, "When you take one step towards Allah, He takes ten towards you." That night, Hana took her first step back.

She began visiting the mosque regularly, her heart warming with each prayer. She started reading the Quran again, its verses soothing her like a balm. In the clarity of dawn, as she stood in prayer, Hana found what she had lost—the tranquility that once cradled her as a child. She realized that all her achievements felt hollow because she had wandered too far from the source of her peace.

Months passed, and Hana's life transformed. She still worked hard, but now she balanced her life with times of reflection and community service. Her weekends were spent not in malls, but in study circles and volunteering at the mosque. The more she gave in charity, the richer her heart felt. Her relationships deepened, her smiles returned, and the weight on her chest lifted.

One evening, as Hana sat on her balcony watching the sunset, she reflected on her journey. She had taken many steps away from Allah, chasing fleeting shadows. But when she took one sincere step back towards Him, He had opened the path to her true home. In returning to her faith, Hana found not just success, but fulfillment; not just peace, but eternal tranquility.

With the stars twinkling above, Hana whispered a prayer of gratitude. In the silence of the night, she felt a gentle assurance that she was exactly where she was meant to be—home at last, in the loving embrace of Allah SWT.


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