Sunday 5 May 2024

The Unseen Wings of Daniel: A Good Bestfriend

In a quaint little town, painted with the colors of the setting sun and bustling with the quiet hum of everyday life, lived a boy named Daniel. Daniel was not just any boy; he was known for his kind heart and a spirit that seemed to lift the burdens of those around him. Adriana, a bright and aspiring student, was one of the many who Daniel touched with his kindness.

From the moment they met in the town's cafe, Daniel had become an anchor in Adriana's life. She was traumatised and sad, grappling with the complexities of adulthood and the distance from her family. It was Daniel who showed her around, his laughter echoing in the corridors of her lonely days. When Adriana's car broke down one chilly morning, it was Daniel who arrived and a comforting smile, ensuring she has a car to go anywhere.

Their friendship blossomed through shared coffees, long walks, and countless stories. Daniel was there during Adriana's highs and lows; when she fought bitterly with her family over her career choices, he was the listener in the dark, offering a shoulder and wise words that helped mend her heart.

But life has a way of testing the bonds we cherish the most. One evening, in a moment of sheer self-absorption and frustration, Adriana lashed out at Daniel. The words that spilled from her were harsh and cross the line, a stark contrast to the gentle way Daniel treated her. She put her trauma into him for things beyond his control, all because she was overwhelmed by her own fears.

Daniel, hurt by the outburst, distanced himself, leaving Adriana to face the chilling silence of his absence. It was in this silence that she realized the depth of her mistake. Daniel, who had been her unwavering support, now needed her understanding and patience. Filled with regret, Adriana sought to bridge the gap she had caused, crafting a heartfelt letter to Daniel that she hoped Daniel will read:

"Dear Daniel,

I have taken for granted the light you bring into my life, forgetting that you, too, have shadows you wrestle with. Your kindness has been my anchor, and your friendship, a gift I've poorly handled recently. I am sorry for the pain my words caused, and I humbly ask for your forgiveness. I miss your laughter, your insightful chats, and most of all, your presence. I hope we can find a way back from this, for I value you more than words can express.

Yours sincerely,


Adriana hoped that they can rebuilt their friendship, stronger and more aware of the silent struggles each faced. She hoped Daniel continued to be Adriana's unseen wings, and she, in turn, became his anchor, learning to share the weight that life sometimes brings.

Adriana hoped that together, they learned that forgiveness is not just an act of returning but a journey of growing together, understanding the imperfections that make each of us human.

Adriana will always will cherish Daniel as her very best friend.


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