Monday 1 April 2024

April Fool's Crush?

April 1st, a day of pranks and jests, but for Emily, it turned into something unexpected. She posted a picture on her Instagram story, not hoping for anything. Not hoping for some likes and a few comments. Little did she know, this April Fool's Day would bring her more than she bargained for.

As the notifications started to trickle in, one caught her eye—a reply from her crush, Jake. Her heart fluttered as she opened the message, half expecting it to be a joke. But to her surprise, it was genuine.

"Hey, Emily! I am curious..."

Her cheeks flushed with excitement as she read and reread the message. Could this be real? Or was it just another April Fool's prank?

Hesitant but hopeful, she mustered the courage to reply. Minutes felt like hours as she waited for his response. Then, another notification popped up—a reply from Jake.

Jake started to talk about himself. Emily's heart throbbing like drum. 

Emily's heart skipped a beat. Could this be the start of something more than just a crush? She couldn't contain her smile as she typed out her response, trying to play it cool despite the butterflies in her stomach.

Throughout the night, they exchanged messages, each one bringing them closer together. Emily couldn't believe her luck. What started as a simple Instagram story turned into a meaningful connection with her crush.

As the day drew to a close, Emily reflected on the unexpected turn of events. Maybe April Fool's Day wasn't just about pranks and jokes—it could also be a day for unexpected surprises and new beginnings. And for Emily, it was the start of something special with her crush, Jake.

And it not just started on April Fool. It started way back before Emily could know his name. 


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